Lease your founds and start earn immediately.
(Waves, MRT and other)

The simple way to start mining Waves tokens

How It Works?


Lease your Waves

It's simple and safe. Open your Waves lite client, choose Lease tab and send to our address: 3PNMvAqJWYPkwf8fhz46rZiLEWpTmuhD3Uh

Think Creative

Wait confirmations

Usually it's take a 1000 blocks. You can always check your current status in Waves explorer.

Core Values

Earn Waves and other

We will send your profit every day directly to your address.

Why our pool:

Low fees

Our fee is the smallest fee on the market right now, just 2%.

No transactional fees

Reward payments are performed in our blocks, so this transactions are free for us.

We support all popular tokens as a fee

Contact us if you want your token to be accepted as a fee.